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Roys Bassets - Please Read Before Buying a Basset Hound Puppy From RoysBassets

On March 29th, 2008, I purchased a male Basset Hound Puppy from Roys Bassets located in Jacksonville, Alabama.

Right around when the pup (Otis) turned 5 months old, I started noticing a strange weird gait as well as his back legs were begining to move funny looking when walking or running.

On July 24th, 2008 I took Otis (the Basset puppy I bought from Roys Bassets) to my Vet to have his hips Xrayed.

The Vet did a complete exam on him and commented that his legs sure were loose. She took him in the back and performed a few xrays and came back out with the news I was fearing -- Hip Dysplasia, the diagnosis I feared the most. Hip Dysplasia is a disease that is genetic fault passed down by hereditary.

Upon returning from the Vet's Clinic, I emailed (24th July 2008) the breeder and owner of Roys Bassets -- Mr. Leroy Vaughan, concerning the diagnosis of the basset puppy he produced having Hip Dysplasia as part of his Health Guarantee states --"Roy's Bassets guarantees at the time of purchase, any puppy/dog sold, to be free of, genetic conditions know to the breed (basset hound)."

Click To Enlarge I had not received an email reply back from Roys Bassets (Mr. Leroy Vaughan), so I forwarded the email again to him asking if he had received it.

Roys Bassets (Mr. Leroy Vaughan) replied back: "Yes I received the email."

So, he doesn't respond to my first email concerning one of his pups being diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia, then his second email reeks of the "I Don't Care" factor. Upon receiving that responce, I sent a nice angry email back concerning his lack of caring and responce only for him to respond with garbage of "In 20 yrs I have never hard of a basset having hip dysplasia. The dog has been most likely in juried in some way."

I couldn't believe that a responsible Basset Hound breeder could even make up those excuses for one the pups he produced being diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia.

The fact is, the pup has Hip Dysplasia -- it is a genetic hereditary fault. You can not catch it at the dog park. It just doesn't pop up like cancer. It is not transferable by contact -- it is a genetic hereditary fault.

Dogs that produce Hip Dysplasia dogs need to be removed from the breeding pens. Simple as that. They need to be spayed and neutered so there is no chance for accidental breedings and producing more Hip Dysplasia dogs.

As the above Xray shows, he has Hip Dysplasia. His hips are very loose. Only time will tell how bad his hips get - it may be 3 years before is totally lame or 10 years. One thing for certain is it will not go away. He already has a very strange gait as he is trying to compensate his movements due to the looseness in his hips (Hip Dysplasia). He sits more than he stands. He is hestitant to walk any stairs -- even if it is just a couple steps. grind a stump Richmond MA

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This is my experience in buying a pup from Roys Bassets. I just wanted to let others know what kind of pup I received from Roys Bassets. Hopefully Roys Bassets will remove the Sire and Dam from his breeding pool as well as any breeding dogs that are out of these dogs-- VAUGHN'S SERGEANT YORK and ROXIE II.

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